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Probably every student knows what proofreading is. High school or college teachers and tutors constantly emphasize the importance of this stage, although many scholars simply neglect it, thinking that mistakes in the text are not so important.

However, statistic shows that essay proofreading is a stage, which allows improving not only your grades but overall skills, like organization, attentiveness and language usage. This makes academic proofreading a great chance to improve your college performance and get ready for the adult life, as you will surely need to write letters and documents, knowing where to use commas and how a certain word is spelled.

So if you want your paper to be flawless and contain no mistakes, you should either study or hire professionals, who are ready to do everything for you.

Just type in your ‘proofread my paper’ request in the search bar or simply contact EssayHelpWriter, as we are a company, which thousands students entrust their assignments to.

Why Proofreading Is Not An Easy Task

When you decide to proofread the work on your own, you may face a wide range of difficulties. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Lack of experience. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional proofreader to edit your work properly. There are many manuals and guidelines online, so you can learn where to start and how to succeed on your own. However, you should practice for a while to be able to notice mistakes and imperfections, as they may not be so obvious at first;
  • Poor language skills. If you don’t know how to write a word properly or where to put a comma, you will hardly be able to conduct an academic proofreading;
  • No time. Absence of free time is probably the most popular reason why students contact us to ‘proofread my essay’. They simply don’t want to spend hours reading the assignment line by line, falling asleep on the keyboard, as it is surely not the most entertaining activity in the world!

Luckily, modern world offers lots of conveniences and proofreading help is one of them. All you need is to fill in the order form or contact managers directly and significantly save your time and nerves.

Our Essay Proofreading Service As The Best Option

We are a reliable and experienced proofreading service, which can boast multiple years of experience and thousands of positive reviews online. If you still have doubts whether your essay is in good hands, just go on reading and learn more about the benefits we have in store.

Professional team

We are well-known for hiring only the best experts in the field, which helps us to remain on the forefront of the services and to follow latest tendencies on the market. That is why we carefully check every candidate and complete multiple tests before offering the position.

Everything starts with a personal interview, as we want to make sure that candidates are not only qualified but also real professionals, who are able to work in the team and remain friendly even in the most stressful conditions.

Then we give them an assignment and check whether candidates can spot mistakes for a limited time. In such a way we not only check English proficiency but also an ability to follow deadlines.

If all these stages are passed successfully, we complete background checking, talk to previous employers and contact universities if necessary.

This makes our team one of the best on the market and you can always be sure that your assignment will be completed by real professionals!

Meeting the deadlines

We know how important it is for you to always deliver the task on time, especially when the deadline is approaching. Unfortunately, not every company can boast meeting all the requirements and you may be left all alone without a work to deliver.

Luckily, we provide our clients with a 100% guarantee and you can be sure that dissertation proofreading will be completed on time. Moreover, you will have enough time to read your work carefully or to get familiar with our tips and notes to understand your mistakes not to make them in future.

Mistakes we detect

We provide our customers with all sorts of services, including academic and thesis proofreading, so we know what types of mistakes to look for not depending on your subject or background. Here are the main mistakes we detect:

  • Punctuation. Unfortunately, our high school and college teachers don’t pay proper attention to punctuation, so it is not surprising that almost every student makes simple mistakes and puts commas or other marks in wrong places. Our experts check whether all punctuation marks are placed in the necessary place;
  • Grammar. You need to make your text is not only useful but also readable and clear. That is why being able to provide strong grammar skills is crucial. Don’t forget that having a good and broad vocabulary is also a must if you expect to get a high grade;
  • Sentence and general structure. With the help of the sentence structure you can show your personal style and remain understandable. The general structure is also a must, as it shows where the beginning, middle part and end in your assignment is;
  • Citation. We thoroughly check whether the sources you have used are correct and whether your assignment has any plagiarized parts. You may even don’t know that someone’s work online has similar paragraphs. Imagine how awkward such situation may become if your teacher decides to check the assignment on a plagiarism software;
  • Depth. We check whether you have done a correct research. Moreover, we will fix all the mistakes connected with introduction of arguments and proofs.